Almost a year on from their last song, the fun latin inspired Loca, FAVORITE are back with a new single in the form of Lie (또 LIE). Although not much of a fan of their previous effort, I went into this track with utmost optimism. This is due to the track being an Ollounder/ Leez production, who have been responsible for not only two of the years strongest singles, but also the years strongest album. Unfortunately, Lie (또 LIE) is one of the weaker offerings from both parties.

Lie (또 LIE) continues the latin inspired groove first started by Loca, but the end product comes off as much more generic. The instantly groovy latin beat followed by the hard hitting instrumental drop that opens the track is incredibly promising, but then gives way to an incredibly plodding first verse. I appreciate the constant latin groove, but that alone isn’t enough to do the heavy lifting. There isn’t much individuality to be found in these segments, and this lack of identity Is a real concern. This oddly hookless and uninspired bounce not only prevents replay ability, but also makes it much harder to be fully invested within the track. It doesn’t carry any of the hallmarks that make the usual Ollounder and LEEZ production so invigorating, and that’s a real shame.

But the verses aren’t everything. The verses in Loca weren’t all that great either, but they gave way to an incredible hook which pretty much single handedly salvaged the track. Unfortunately, while Lie (또 LIE)‘s hook does ignite some sparks, it doesn’t have the kind of instant touch that either Favorite’s past work, or Ollounder and LEEZ specialise in. It’s a big centrepiece, but just doesn’t have the kind of effect that it’s aiming for. The main problem with Lie (또 LIE) is that It doesn’t really do anything wrong, but it doesn’t do anything really good either. It’s kind of stuck in the middle, and sometimes that’s the worst place to be in. Lie (또 LIE) isn’t a bad song by any counts, but it’s easily one of the more forgettable girl group tracks of the past few weeks.

Verses: 6

Chorus: 7

Production: 7

Performance: 7

Final Rating: 6.75/10


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