Kbopped’s Weekly Stats (vol. 1)

As someone who loves to keep records, I thought it would be fun to have a running tally of my most listened to artists and songs on a week by week basis. Each of these posts will likely go up every Sunday or Monday depending on when I get the time and yes, i will … Continue reading Kbopped’s Weekly Stats (vol. 1)

RETROSPECTIVE REVIEW: TXT – minisode1: Blue Hour

I've written many reviews since the conception of this blog and sometimes my thoughts on certain tracks or albums change drastically. Other times, I want to revisit some albums or tracks that I missed reviewing upon their release. Looking back can really change your perspective on projects and with this segment, i will be highlighting … Continue reading RETROSPECTIVE REVIEW: TXT – minisode1: Blue Hour

The Top 75 Best K-Pop B-sides of 2021 (50 – 26)

(Every song from here onwards is better than anything I've this year and that's a fact) 75 - 51 50. Sunmi - Narcissism A track that felt like a sonic sequel to 2020's masterful pporappippam, Narcissism builds tension during its atmospheric verses to make that stunning chorus feel all the more impactful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqnmcU4kCTQ 49. TWICE … Continue reading The Top 75 Best K-Pop B-sides of 2021 (50 – 26)