Arpydarpy’s 2022 Pop Highlights (Q1)

As someone who loves K-pop and has literally spent the last 2 years writing about it, I've been quite bored with the current slate of releases that 2022 has given us. Sure there have been some highlights and the average quality of tracks hasn't been the worse, an entire sense of mundanity has fallen over … Continue reading Arpydarpy’s 2022 Pop Highlights (Q1)

RETROSPECTIVE REVIEW: TXT – minisode1: Blue Hour

I've written many reviews since the conception of this blog and sometimes my thoughts on certain tracks or albums change drastically. Other times, I want to revisit some albums or tracks that I missed reviewing upon their release. Looking back can really change your perspective on projects and with this segment, i will be highlighting … Continue reading RETROSPECTIVE REVIEW: TXT – minisode1: Blue Hour