Song Review: TAN – Fix You

I honestly can't believe it. After almost an entire year, it's finally here. And just as I had expected, it's utterly glorious. When TAN debuted with the phenomenal Du Du Du last year, many including myself were very happy with the debut. The sleek dance pop sound fit the group like a glove and the … Continue reading Song Review: TAN – Fix You


Song Review: Snow Man – Tapestry

With last years excellent Orange Kiss, Snow Man officially crossed the line to become a new Kbopped favourite. They're a group that consistently return with buoyant, melodically charged yet wonderfully diverse soundscapes that are not only perfect compliments to their performance skills, but do much to play off them. New single Tapestry may fall into … Continue reading Song Review: Snow Man – Tapestry

Song Review: Hwang Min hyun – Hidden Side

Nu'est's disbandment remains one of last years most unfortunate and surprising revelations, casting aside a group that had risen from the brink of death to one of Korea's finest and most popular. And while their sound had been slightly stalling in recent years, a Nu'est comeback always proved an exciting yearly prospect. Hidden Side comes … Continue reading Song Review: Hwang Min hyun – Hidden Side