SONG REVIEW: Treasure – Darari (remix)

Well, what a pleasant surprise this is. When considering 2022's most underwhelming comebacks, Treasure's Jikjin is right up there. It's awful chorus acted as a smear to the tracks strong guitar assisted verses which pointed towards an exciting new direction for the group. And the general public reflected a similar sentiment, launching the laid back, … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: Treasure – Darari (remix)

SONG REVIEW: Lovesick Girls – Blackpink

4 years after their debut, fans have finally been treated to Blackpink's first full length album. It's been a long time coming and given the groups rather infrequent release schedule, is a minor miracle. Unfortunately, while many were brimming with excitement, I came into Lovesick Girls and "The Album" feeling rather indifferent. Pre-release singles How … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: Lovesick Girls – Blackpink

SONG REVIEW: Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez) – Blackpink

I had literally no expectations coming into this pre-release but it still managed to underwhelm me. As many could tell by reading my scathing review of their last comeback, I’m not the biggest fan of Blackpink. Their early material was pretty strong but ever since 2018’s megahit Ddu Du Ddu Du, I’ve felt a very obvious … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez) – Blackpink