SONG REVIEW: Yerin – Aria

Gfriend's sudden disbandment came as a shock to many fans and casual listeners alike, sending shockwaves through the industry and fracturing one of my all time favourite girl groups. But despite that, 2022 has been kind to girls, enriching their individual ventures alongside heralding the debut and rise of VIVZ. Yerin follows follows Yuju as … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: Yerin – Aria


As the umpteenth group to embrace a western push with an English single since BTS' hit it big with Dynamite, SEVENTEEN have gifted fans with the pleasant Darl+ing. As a pre-release for their upcoming comeback, it's a satisfying if rather underwhelming single that fortunately maintains Seventeen's trademark sound but fails to reach its potential. Produced … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: SEVENTEEN – Darl+ing