Album Review: TXT – minisode 2: Thursday’s Child

Although I’ll primarily be reviewing singles, there are some albums that are too influential, notable or strong to not cover. In this segment, I will be spotlighting those albums and giving my thoughts on each and every track. As my current favourite boy group, I approach every TXT release with a sense of optimism and curiosity. … Continue reading Album Review: TXT – minisode 2: Thursday’s Child


As the umpteenth group to embrace a western push with an English single since BTS' hit it big with Dynamite, SEVENTEEN have gifted fans with the pleasant Darl+ing. As a pre-release for their upcoming comeback, it's a satisfying if rather underwhelming single that fortunately maintains Seventeen's trademark sound but fails to reach its potential. Produced … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: SEVENTEEN – Darl+ing

RETROSPECTIVE REVIEW: TXT – minisode1: Blue Hour

I've written many reviews since the conception of this blog and sometimes my thoughts on certain tracks or albums change drastically. Other times, I want to revisit some albums or tracks that I missed reviewing upon their release. Looking back can really change your perspective on projects and with this segment, i will be highlighting … Continue reading RETROSPECTIVE REVIEW: TXT – minisode1: Blue Hour