When NCT Dream announced that they would be returning with bright, throwback single titled Beatbox, I was over the moon. I had longed for the return of the bright, poppy sound that the sub-unit had debuted with and though last years Hello Future helped reignite some of that through its gorgeous, jubilant chorus, its harsher … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: NCT DREAM – Beatbox

SONG REVIEW: Red Velvet – Feel My Rhythm

It's hard to believe that Red Velvet have only had two comebacks since December 2019. The group, once considered in the top three girl groups of South Korea, have been all but relegated to individual or subunit related activities, resulting in some mixed but generally positive results. However, their big 2021 comeback, Queendom failed to … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: Red Velvet – Feel My Rhythm

Thoughts on NCT 127’s Sticker

"ahem" *clears throat* *breaths in* Incoming! Sticker, tagging, tagging, tagging, tagging I got what you need, 원하는 걸 골라 붙여I can show you need, hip 하지 나란 stickerBang, bang, 한껏 힘을 준 애들 좀 봐 봐NCT, we will show you the vibe, hi우리들의 로고를 총 모양으로, woo, woo Baby (Yeah, yeah, yeah)겁을 내지 말아 줘 … Continue reading Thoughts on NCT 127’s Sticker