KARD's transition to a more harder edged sound has so far yielded some less than impressive results. Bomb Bomb and Dumb Litty were two of my least favourite tracks from last year and while it has since grown on me, Red Moon wasn't much better. And while I understand that this is more an issue … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: Gunshot – KARD

Genre Classics: KARD – 1st Mini Album ‘Hola Hola’

Though the Korean music industry is one of the most fruitful, I've always found myself in constant search and admiration for albums that adhere strongly to a single genre or concept. Though K-pop is big on concept, very rarely does it manage to carry over from the teaser pictures or mv into the actual album. … Continue reading Genre Classics: KARD – 1st Mini Album ‘Hola Hola’