SONG REVIEW: After School – Weeekly

As the unofficial successors to Apink's bright, bubbly sound, Weeekly were bound to hit a soft spot for me. They manage to skirt the fine line between cute and bright, melding the more aegyo inspired aspects of their arrangements with some gorgeous shots of melody to create some strong tracks. And while I haven't enjoyed … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: After School – Weeekly


DRIPPIN debuted last year with the stunning Nostalgia, instantly cementing themselves as one of this generations most promising rookies. Their stylish dance pop sound was incredibly refreshing and bled through into the supporting mini album, 'Boyager' which also was home to some of 2020's strongest B-sides. But as important as a debut is, equally important … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: Young Blood – DRIPPIN