BEST K-POP SINGLES OF 2019 (40-31)

It’s time to countdown my top 50 singles of 2019! 10 songs, everyday, for the next 5 days. The rules for the countdown are as follows:

  1. Song must be released between 1st January 2019 and 31st of December 2019.
  2. Song must have an accompanying music video and be promoted as a single, regardless of whether another song on the album is also promoted (double title tracks)
  3. No Japanese (sorry Pentagon’s “Cosmo”) or Chinese (sorry WayV) singles eligible for the list


A much more explosive side to Seventeen than we are used to, this EDM banger proved an excellent pre-release surpassing both the groups preceding and following singles in bombastic fashion. Though it’s “bow wow” hook verges on grating, all bets are off once we hit the dynamic post chorus drop and larger than life bridge. Though not the next Very Nice or Don’t Wanna cry, it was easily SEVENTEEN’s best single of the year.

39. Day6 – Time Of Our Life

Opening with a very Radwimpsesque keyboard riff, Time Of Our Life quickly launches into it’s exhilarating blend of anthemic power pop and sky high vocals, easily securing it’s place on this list. However, the real star of the show is the absolute showstopper of a chorus which manages to be anthemic, nostalgic and rocking fun all at once.

38. ONF – Why

If you want to go dark, this Is how you do it. Why was an expertly calibrated transition for rookie group ONF, fusing angsty vocal melodies with an absolutely massive synth heavy chorus. Its absolutely frantic second verse is still one of the years most memorable moments.

37. Kim Dong Han – Focus

What an absolute killer track from this man right here. Focus was a funky as hell pop song that combined elements of future bass, synth pop and trap to create a song that was not only satisfying in the moment, but proved to have endless replay potential. One of the smartest productions of the year.

36. DreamNote – Hakuna Matata

A delightfully 80’s inspired comeback, Hakuna Matata wormed it’s way into my brain thanks to its non-stop barrage of addictive hooks and mosh-pit ready chorus. Although its offbeat charms may not be for everyone, its the perfect tonic for those of us who love a good sugar rush. Oh My Girl Bananha’s Banana Allergy Monkey would act as the perfect companion piece.

35. Lee Jun Young (U-Kiss Jun) – Curious About U

Released at the start of December, Curious About U was probably the most overlooked and underrated track of the year. Backed by an addicting percussion assisted groove, the song absolutely soars when it reaches its multi part chorus. Though Jun’s charismatic performance transforms it into a true standout.

34. Pentagon – Sha La La

It was only a matter of time before Hui would produce an Energetic esque banger for his own group, and the result didn’t disappoint. Though not the undisputed masterpiece that Energetic was, Sha La La is a dynamic dance track in it’s own right, powering forward thanks to its hard hitting production and propulsive chorus.

33. ONF- We Must Love

ONF had much to prove following the release of 2018’s pop masterpiece Complete (my personal favourite song of that year), and although We Must Love didnt exactly reach those heights, it still provided an exhilarating blend of future bass and electronic dance pop that moved the group into edgier territory without forgetting the importance of a dynamic melody.

32. Super Junior – SUPER Clap

One of the years most instant singles, Super Junior’s first full group comeback in almost 5 years did not disappoint in the slightest. From it’s disco funk laced verses to it’s instantly catchy chorus, SUPER Clap was as streamlined as k-pop singles come and was all the more better for it. Also. SO. MANY. CLAPS ……. great stuff

31. ITZY – ICY

From remarkably streamlined to absolutely bonkers, ICY was a fantastic sophomore effort from rookie girl group ITZY, whose throw everything in the sink approach resulted in two of the years absolute best and most memorable singles. It’s big, brash, messy and barely works; carried almost entirely by the undeniable charisma of the members through its bizarre, yet utterly thrilling run time.


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