Honestly, I feel pretty bad for Treasure. Though they were scheduled to debut early last year, the unexpected collapse of the YG brand resulted in their introduction to the K-pop world to be indefinitely postponed. Fortunately, after almost a year of inactivity it seems as though the wait is almost over, as the group have begun teasing their as of yet unspecified debut date. To kick start their pre-debut promotional cycle the group have chosen to promote Going Crazy, a track from the show that formed them; YG: Treasure Box.

To preface, I never watched Treasure box, so whereas many fans would be familiar with the track, I first experienced it upon the release of the performance video. The first time around, I thought Going Crazy was just fine. Nothing about it really stood out, but nothing about it was awful. It was one of those tracks that I expected to simply get lost in rotation. However, subsequent listens have really improved its standing and elevated it much higher than my initial views towards the track. I primarily attribute this to the songs unflagging energy and constant barrage of hooks. Although not a bombastic in your face dance track, the song coasts by on a more chill dance beat, quite reminiscent of Wanna One’s fantastic Energetic actually. This automatically wins the track some points in my book, as any song that takes inspiration from Energetic is almost always bound to have a certain level of quality,

What really sealed the deal for me however, was Crazy‘s insanely catchy hook, which I found myself instinctively humming long after I had finished listening to the song. It’s an excellent chorus, combining an addictive one line Korean refrain with an even better English one. The melody here is also excellent, providing the track with a carefree and youthful bounce which perfectly matches the personality of this incredibly young group. The bright propulsive backing track although a highlight, is probably the songs most generic element, excluding the now “essential” trap breakdown.

The song although heavily indebted in the years many trends (trop. house, trap, deep house) still manages to feel notably old school. Something reminiscent of Teen Top or Boyfriend circa 2012/13. The explosive and (excellent) climactic refrain is also heavily nostalgic of the glory days of YG entertainment, when Bigbang and 2NE1 polished this style to perfection. Although I don’t really trust YG, if this is the kind of quality upbeat pop that is to be expected of Treasure’s debut, then bring on the album as fast as you can.

Verses: 9

Chorus: 9

Production: 9

Performance: 9

Final Rating9 / 10


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