Retro Rewind: The Art Of Seduction (How To Get Girls) – Heo Young Saeng

With the burgeoning growth of K-pop in its current state, many newer fans are unaware of many of the genres past classics. That’s why every week I will be taking a look back at some of K-pop’s most exciting and iconic tracks that were released before the conception of this blog to shed some light on this now bygone time.

Year Released: 2013

Although their prominence within the industry has dissipated significantly, there was a time when mega producers Sweetune were regularly supplying groups and soloists alike with dynamite pop songs. Their Imperial phase resulted in some of K-pop’s best ever songs, and although Heo Young Saeng’s hilariously titled The Art Of Seduction (How To Get Girls) doesn’t come close to their best work, it’s still a ridiculously fun blast of retro synth pop.

Heo Young Saeng of SS501 fame had worked with Sweetune before, for a number of quality tracks, but Seduction was when their partnership reached their peak. Though I’m more partial to the album track Life, The Art Of Seduction is no slouch either and would likely have found a place in the upper half of playlist if it were released today. Opening with an addictive funk beat, the track quickly launches itself into the repeated synth loop that frames the rest of song. It’s delightfully retro and the perfect match for Young Saeng’s unique vocals.

The tracks production is classic Sweetune, melding retro synths with excellent vocal layering to create a deliriously great pop song. I especially love the extended instrumental portions, as they provide room for the instrumental to breath. This helps prevent the track from feeling overwhelming. It’s also an excellent choice, as the instrumental along with the tracks titular hook are probably the most addicting moments of the song. The track also soars towards it climax, providing as the disco fuelled beat absolutely explodes towards delirious levels. Its pure sugar rush from start to finish.

However, the track does feel abit repetitive, which limits its replay ability in the long run. Though the hook is unbelievably catchy, it does begin to grate after repeated listens. The track also comes off less impactful than it should, hence making it more a fun little blast of old school kpop than a necessary addition to the history books. But what a blast It is.

*The MV on the other hand is a hilariously fun diss towards sasaengs (obsessed fans) and sasaeng culture in general. Be sure to check it out if you want a good laugh.

Verses: 9

Chorus: 9

Production: 9

Performance: 8

Final Rating8.75 / 10


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