Apart from having arguably the best group name in the world, THE BOYZ are a really hard group for me to really decipher. Last years Bloom Bloom came across as too saccharine for my tastes, but their J-pop debut Tattoo felt way too angsty and edgy for them. I find the group are at their best when they omit the need to conform to certain genres and opt for a pure pop song. This approach has led to fantastic results in the form of last years D.D.D and 2018’s Giddy Up and Right Here. But alas, THE BOYZ are the umpteenth group to resort to standard “dark” concept. Though I absolutely despise my favourite groups from switching towards darker (and usually more generic) fare, I cant deny the fact that REVEAL is pretty strong.

What I really enjoy about REVEAL‘s arrangement, is that it replaces most of the standard trap influences with a more invigorating blend of percussion and snaps. This approach helps maintain the tracks momentum, even through its slower moments. Though the verses may not be as strong many of the groups other tracks, they provide the necessary, albeit generic connective tissue between hooks. However, where the track really shines is its massive hook. THE BOYZ absolutely attack this hook, imbuing it with bucketloads of personality, as the future bass inspired production revs up, proving the track with a killer centrepiece. Without this, REVEAL would have probably collapsed under its own generic template. The ascending melody line here is especially invigorating, but I wish it would have gone bigger; more in the vein of VERIVERY’s militaristic banger PHOTO. The extended climactic chorus is especially exciting, introducing a multitude of new melodic lines that imbue the song with a number of catchy hooks.

But once again, I have to stress the detriment of the murky verses. Although I previously stated that they were adequate connecting tissue, that’s also the main issue I have with them. For a song to truely be great, the verses must be more than just “connecting tissue”. They need to act provide an engaging template for the performers to show off their individual charms before the titular hook comes slamming in. I spoke about the importance of verses in my review of f(x)’s masterful Red Light, and if REVEAL decided to implement any of elements into its rather mundane brew, then we would have had a real stunner on our hands. Given a complete sonic makeover, I could really see Reveal transform into one of the years standouts. But although REVEAL doesn’t completely reinvent the wheel, it’s still a strong entry into THE BOYZ’s burgeoning discography.

Verses: 7

Chorus: 8

Production: 8

Performance: 9

Final Rating8 / 10



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