One month after the release of My Gravity, Yezi has once again returned to the kpop landscape with the propulsive dance pop of Home. Even though most of her career has prospered on her skills as a rapper, her last few releases have shone greater light on her skills as a vocalist. This may have resulted in more streamlined tracks, but comes at the expense of feeling slightly too generic. While Home is strong, it lacks the unique punch that made tracks like Anck Su Namum so great.

Lets start with the pros. Home is a song that is right within my wheelhouse. From the pulsing dance-floor beat, to the cathartic vocals the track is a perfect example of a cathartic dance track. The verses are near perfect, propelling the track forward with the kind of straightforward laser beam focus that we rarely see nowadays. This leads to the enchanting pre-chorus, which builds upon an ascending synth line to create one of the most instantly invigorating set pieces of the year. From here, it seems as though we’re in for something really special. And while the hook doesn’t quite live up to the rest of the track, it still provides a cathartic centrepiece to the hook.

But as potent as the hook is, I feel like it could have still gone bigger. It feels oddly restrained up until the tracks last moment where it fully explodes. In fact, Home would have fit right in with the crowd almost a decade ago. This sense of familiarity is both a blessing and a curse, imbuing the track with necessary nostalgia factor but stripping much of the tracks possible uniqueness. This overall lowers my enjoyment of a track, which could have been a real showstopper. But still, it’s a very promising direction for Yezi as a soloist, and one that I hope she pursues further in the future.

Verses: 9

Chorus: 8

Production: 7

Performance: 9

Final Rating8.25 / 10

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