SONG REVIEW: Brava!!Brava!!Brava!! – Kim Jaejoong

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had an almost unhealthy obsession with the works of OT5 TVXQ. The addition of the majority of their discography back onto Spotify certainly helped, but even before this I’ve always believed that their work as a duo never came close to their work a quintet. Not only did they gift us some of Kpop’s most stone cold classics in Rising Sun, Mirotic and O-Jung.Ban.Hap, but each member was no slouch either. This brings me to Jaejoong, who was probably the key reason as to why I loved so much of DB5K’s work. His voice has an instantly captivating vibe, and one that is enough to elevate almost anything he works on. I wasn’t too impressed with his last Korean comeback, but the dynamic funk of Brava!!Brava!!Brava!! is more than enough to compensate.

One thing that’s been sorely lacking within the Korean music landscape over the past few months, it’s a sense of joy. It almost feels as though every group or soloist is intent on returning with some dark, moody track with the singular goal of showing off how “cool” or “edgy” they are. I can appreciate a few dark tracks here and there, but it’s gotten to the point where I’m kind of fed up with it. Thank god for the Japanese market then, where they’ve really experienced a big boom in the exact type of music that I adore so much. That’s also another reason as to why Brava!!Brava!!Brava!! is such a triumph within my eyes. Although I think Jaejoong is still best when embracing angst ridden rock, watching him tackle these kind of dance floor anthems have a massive revelation. Last years Sweetest Love was a great EDM stomper, but this sees him at his full potential. From the moment the deliriously funk beat opens the track, there isn’t a single moment where Brava lets up, rocketing towards its hook in exhilarating fashion.

The hook itself isn’t is brilliant, taking the potentially cloying title and utilising it into a fantastic hook. It’s a gargantuan centrepiece, pulsing forward on a propulsive beat and an even stronger melody. Every hook sticks, providing an instantly gratifying listening experience. Infact, there isn’t a single moment where the track falls into any kind of momentum killing hook or breakdown. The production here is as streamlined as they come, and it works wonderfully. In fact, it reminds me heavily of AAA rapper Sky-Hi’s brilliant incredible Snatchaway. Just less quirky. Honestly, the only thing in my mind stopping Brava! from transforming into an absolute masterpiece, is that it feels as though it’s dying for an extending electric guitar solo somewhere. Just imagine how much more grandiose the tracks finale could have been with a shredding, anthemic guitar solo. But alas, it wasn’t to be. Regardless of that, Brava!!Brava!!Brava!! is probably the strongest Japanese single Jaejoong has ever put his name to, and easily in contention for his best single ever.

Verses: 9

Chorus: 9

Production: 8

Performance: 9

Final Rating8.75 / 10

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