SONG REVIEW: A Song Written Easily – ONEUS

RBW Entertainment’s ONEUS were on of my top rookies of 2019, bursting out of the gate with the incredible Valkyrie and an equally potent mini album. Followup Twilight was also great, but further projects such as Lit and 808 never really did anything for me. While they group still provided excellent album tracks like A Thousand Stars, these last two title tracks didn’t really keep my hopes up for this new digital single. And while A Song Written Easily harkens back to the dynamic dance pop that made their debut so invigorating, the end result falls a little short.

That’s not to discount A Song Written Easily‘s strengths, of which there are many. The track is easily stronger than the groups last two singles, consisting of some of the groups most instantly hummable melodies. I’m a sucker for whistle led instrumentals in music, and just like last years BingBing, Written Easily revels in this template. The verses unfold beautifully, infusing *just* the right amount of melancholy into an otherwise upbeat track. And while the vocal led moments are easily the tracks most exciting moments, the rap breakdowns fit surprisingly well. And while the tropical house influence does feel kind of unnecessary in 2020, the melody is strong enough to bypass these otherwise generic tropes. Even better, is there is no momentum killing trap breakdown to be found! I can’t stress how happy I am to see this. It’s a huge issue that I’ve had with most recent K-pop tracks, and to seeing its absence is incredibly gratifying.

Speaking of issues, if there was one thing holding A Song Written Easily back from being truely fantastic, it’s the lack of a fully fleshed out hook. While the instrumental drop here is much bigger and more anthemic than we’re used to, I can’t help but feel like a proper chorus would have shot this into the stratosphere. We get glimpses of how great this could have been during the songs climax, when an additional melody line is incorporated. But this initial disappointment has decreased over further listens, as the bombastic drop has really sunk its teeth into me. A Song Written Easily may not be ONEUS’s most unique or best single, but it is most certainly an improvement over their last few singles and a promising step in the right direction.

Verses: 9

Chorus: 8

Production: 8

Performance: 9

Final Rating8.5 / 10


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