SONG REVIEW: Oh my god – (G)I-DLE

Since their massive 2018 debut Latata, (G)I-DLE have quickly gone onto become one of this generations most popular rookie groups. By initially adapting the girl crush market popularised by groups like Blackpink, the girls have carved out a little niche for themselves thanks to their leader and producer Jeon Soyeon. But while the girls continue to experiment and evolve, I’ve felt as though their musical output has followed the opposite trajectory. New single Oh my god follows this streak, resulting in what might just be the groups weakest title track yet.

Apart from last years daring Lion, most of (G)I-DLE’s 2019 discography left me cold. I was always interested by the diverse soundscapes and genres that their tracks encompassed, but few of them had any strong hooks that I could really latch onto. And while Lion gave me hope of the group tackling more potent melodies, Oh my god is basically most of my quarells about the groups music in one track. You’ve got those powerful, dynamic verses that sound daring and epic in the best way possible, but they’re undercut by one of the years most monotonous centrepieces. Rather than continue the tracks powerful momentum, it lurches into a plodding and overly repetitive repetition of the title that pretty much brings the track to a complete standstill. It’s a production choice that I’ve been seeing quite alot lately, and I don’t think I’ll ever get it. To me it feels more like self sabotage than an interesting or notable production choice.

However, those aforementioned verses are fantastic, switching between tempo and delivery in way that feels both experimental and engaging. (G)I-DLE have already proven themselves to be masterful performers, and their charisma is more than enough to elevate a track like this. Miyeon’s pre-chorus in particular is breathtaking, and is easily my favourite moment of the entire track. And while I have expressed my dislike of the hook, Soyeon and Minnie’s unique vocal textures are enough to make it not feel like a complete waste. A dynamite melody here would have worked wonders, but it wasn’t to be. Further listens have improved my standing on the song but as it stands, Oh my god is easily my least favourite title track from the girls.

Verses: 8

Chorus: 5

Production: 7

Performance: 8

Final Rating7 / 10


7 thoughts on “SONG REVIEW: Oh my god – (G)I-DLE

  1. mm doesn’t Yuqi only show up in the pre-chorus? I thought the hook was the song title ‘oh my god / she took me to the sky’
    But yeah this song just invites unfavourable comparisons to Lion in terms of melody and production, although lyrical themes-wise, I have to say Lion comes across rather one-dimensional when played alongside oh my god.


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