While last year was filled to the brim with high profile debuts, 2020 has only seen two really notable debuts in Cignature and MCND. While I havnt been completely enamoured by the former, MCND’s over the top Ice Age has grown on my substantially since its release. There’s just something incredibly charming about its anything goes energy and i feel as though much of its appeal got mitigated by the cesspool of activity that was February. And in that way, it’s hard to not see new single Spring as kind of a let down.

While I had my quarrels about Ice Age‘s originality, the hook acted as that tracks unique calling card, helping to differentiate it from the many other boy group tracks that follow that particular type of song structure. Unfortunately, Spring is an incredibly generic light hearted trap-pop track in the vein of Pentagon’s Humph or Stray Kid’s Mixtape: Gone Days. While this might appeal to those who love this particular style, it’s one that I just can’t get around. This primarily stems from my dislike of trap, a genre that has become ever-present in music around the world. It’s a production choice I don’t understand now and one don’t think i’ll ever understand.

Spring adheres to the structure to a tee, stitching together a number of disparate refrains over an annoying xylophone trap instrumental. And while the hook shines a little more light on the groups vocalists, it’s undercut by a lethargic melody and an oddly aggressive post chorus refrain. It doesn’t work nearly as well as their debut, and a genre that I wish they refrain from pursuing in future efforts.

Verses: 6

Chorus: 7

Production: 7

Performance: 7

Final Rating6.75 / 10


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