SONG REVIEW: Spit It Out – Solar (Mamamoo)

Mamamoo are at the stage of their career where a greater sense of focus is being put on each individual members personalities. While there are many idols who venture into acting, the majority of idols usually embark on solo musical efforts, something we’ve seen a lot this year. Following fellow members Hwasa and Moonbyul, leader Solar is the third member to have a solo debut. I didn’t really enjoy Moonbyul’s debut from earlier in the year, and while Spit It Out isn’t a throw down the gauntlet debut, it might be favourite of the three mamamoo solos.

One key feature that has been missing from many a kpop song over the past few months has been a sense of groove. And if Spit It Out nails one thing, it’s definitely groove. The latin influenced instrumental filled with spaced out interjections of acoustic guitar and consistent percussion is incredibly refreshing. It’s by far my favourite part of the song, imbuing Spit with a wonderful sense of groove. It’s one of those beats that will instantly make you want to dance, and this sense of jubilance is something that we sorely need in this troubling times. It’s also a wonderful playground for Solar’s charismatic vocal performance, managing to shine light on both her skills as a vocalist and a performer.

But while Spit has an incredibly enjoyable groove, the rest of the song kind of falls flat. Though there are a number of catchy hooks sprinkled throughout the song, none of them really hit as melodically hard as they should. The song feels a little too restrained, with the initially catchy hook verging on cloying due to sheer repetition by the end of the track. In fact, I wish they would have gone bigger, and maybe let Solar really belt it out like the power vocalist she is. But alas, I guess that wasn’t the goal of the solo debut. Spit is at its best when it takes advantage of the catchy instrumental, which helps elevate the song over its more cloying and generic moments. It won’t be one of the years most iconic moments, but it’s a solid solo debut for one of Kpop’s most prominent vocalists.

Verses: 8

Chorus: 7

Production: 8

Performance: 9

Final Rating8 / 10


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