SONG REVIEW: Wing – Park Jihoon

When it comes to ‘Produce’ idols, Park Jihoon has easily been the solo idol with the most musically consistent discography. Last years 360 and especially L.O.V.E were both strong pop songs with strong production and addicting hooks. And while I wasn’t exactly looking forward to this comeback, Jihoon has shattered all expectations with the bombastic Wing. Not only is it my favourite song of his so far, but it might also just be my favourite kpop song of the month.

Today was a big day for male solo comebacks, with three superstar comebacks all dropping. And while the superstar trio of Baekhyun, Kim Wooseok and Park Jihoon sounds like pop nirvana only Wing really grabbed my attention. As we near the iconic and often exhilarating kpop summer, these are the kinds of songs I’m looking for. After an underwhelming start to to year, I’m hinging my bets on these kinds of propulsive dance tracks to fully take over the kpop landscape and rid it of the murky angst that we’re stuck in now. Right from the start, Wing hits a number of my musical sweet spots. The rhythmic vocal riff that opens the track is an incredibly addicting intro transitioning almost effortlessly to a more suave opening verse held aloft by a constantly energetic backing track.

This extends to the hook, which pulses with a wonderful groove and equally intense delivery. It’s an instantly catchy refrain and the strongest hook we’ve seen this month. But alas, the expected half time trap breakdown breaks the tracks momentum down to a crawl. It’s an expected yet still disappointing break to an otherwise strong dance track. But apart from this hiccup, the rest of Wing is sheer joy. In my review of Baekhyun’s Candy I mentioned how I felt that song was more mundane than fun. Wing is the kind of song that I find fits the title ”fun” incredibly well and the kind of song I want to hear more of as we transition into the months that I hope will truly reignite 2020’s dwindling flame.

Verses: 9

Chorus: 9

Production: 8

Performance: 9

Final Rating8.75 / 10


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