Song Review: My My – SEVENTEEN

Well I wasn’t expecting this! Seventeen have long been one of my favourite boy groups but it’s been a while since we got a poppy, upbeat track from the boys, and even longer since they’ve gone full funk. Pre-release My My isn’t funk, but it’s the first time since mid 2018 that the group have embraced the buoyant sound that made their debut era-sound such a treat.

But this doesn’t automatically make My My a standout. In fact, it’s the perfect pre-release, inciting excitement for the groups upcoming album while still acting as a perfectly serviceable pop song in its own right. At just over 3 minutes, the track knows not to overextend itself, playing to its strengths and adhering perfectly to the chill, early summer bop it is. Much of that is due to the rather generic instrumental, which consists of the now familiar rhythmic piano and tropical swirls. I actually enjoy it, but it feels a little too stock standard for a group of Seventeens calibre. But I guess sometimes thats fine and is actually kind of a refreshing detour from the moody trap fuelled angst thats enveloped the boy group landscape this year.

But even with such a generic backdrop, you can always count on Seventeen to deliver with their performances. Few groups have such an invigorating group of vocalists and thus are able to elevate almost any piece of work. This is most prominent with the tracks hook, which pulses with joyous energy that recalls ATEEZ’s incredible Wave but to less exhilarating degree. It may not be the most complex or invigorating work, but if this is the kind of upbeat pop that frames their upcoming project, then it can’t come sooner.

Verses: 8

Chorus: 8

Production: 7

Performance: 9

Final Rating8 / 10


4 thoughts on “Song Review: My My – SEVENTEEN

  1. Hey ArpyDarpy,
    Came here from Nick’s blog. So far I like your lists so you may see me comment here or there.
    I think the song is ok……..
    It sounds like boy group WJSN


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