KBOPPED Weekly Charts: 24/06/20

I’ve always had a bit of a problem with Korea’s chart system so i thought, why not come up with my own! Let me introduce the Kbopped weekly charts! These charts will be solely based on my own play history and will feature my top 20 most played tracks of the week be it Korean, Japanese, Chinese or even English! 

Welcome to the 2nd edition of Kbopped’s weekly charts!

As you can see this week is completely different to last weeks group tracks. Chalk that down to the past week have some of the most consistently great tracks of the year! Seriously, some of the tracks released since last Thursday are simply incredible and a massive upgrade from the consistent mediocrity that we’ve gotten used to for the past few months. In fact, there are only 5 tracks from the inaugural week remaining! Wow really goes to show how much I indulge myself in new releases!

Topping the charts this week is Stray Kids’ incredible b-side Haven, an anthmic dance track with one of the years strongest hooks! Coming in second is ONF’s mix of It’s Raining, which has risen 4 spots from last week. Following that in is another incredibly funky mnet issued dance track, Jang Yeeun’s Barbie! In fourth is another Stray Kids b-side, Phobia who’s pulsing verses have totally won me over. Rounding off the top 5 is Grand Escape by Radwimps (feat. Toko Miura) a track that has one of the best final minute pay offs I’ve ever heard.

We’ve also got a more multicultural mix here with a number of Japanese and Chinese tracks instead of the usual full Korean setlist. Special mentions to Radwimps’ Grand Escape and JJ Lin’s Practice Love, two tracks that have truly managed to connect with me in remarkable ways. Though neither are eligible for my end of year charts (they were released in 2019 and 2013 respectively) both are just phenomenal tracks. So enough of my rambling, let’s get to the charts!

#1Stray Kids – Haven17(NEW)
#2ONF – It’s Raining (RTK) 16(↑4)
#3Jang Yeeun – Barbie14(NEW)
#4Stray Kids – Phobia13(NEW)
#5Radwimps (feat. Toko Miura) – Grand Escape 11(NEW)
#6Seventeen – Kidult10(NEW)
#7WayV – Electric Heart10(NEW)
#8Yoasobi – Halcyon10(NEW)
#9Golden Child – One (Lucid Dream)9(NEW)
#10Stray Kids – God’s Menu9(NEW)
#11The Boyz – REVEAL (Catching Fire)9(↑4)
#12One N’ Only – Shut Up! BREAKER8(NEW)
#13WJSN – Butterfly7(↓10)
#14WJSN – Where You Are7(↓4)
#15NATURE – Girls7(NEW)
#16ONEUS – Be Mine (RTK)7(↓7)
#17JJ Lin – Practice Love7(NEW)
#18ONF – New World6(↓16)
#19Weki Meki – Moya Moya6(NEW)
#20E’Last – Swear5(=)

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