SONG REVIEW: Boca – Dreamcatcher

With February’s incredible ”Dystopia: Tree of Life” album, Dreamcatcher easily secured a place within the upper echelons of my bias list. Not only do they have a consistent and instantly recognisable sound, but they’re also one of the few groups left who aren’t afraid to go hard. This lack of restraint led to the incredible Scream and new single Boca closely mirrors that template to create another stellar single.

What I love about Dreamcatcher is their willingness to experiment whilst still adhering to their core sound. While the verses adhere more strongly to a trance x moombahton beat, the chorus brings us back to their bombastic, metal core roots. It may not be the most ideal of combinations (at least to my ears) but it’s one that mostly works thanks to a great arrangement by producers Ollounder and LEEZ.

Honestly, I need to once again give them props for not stuffing their songs with needless international or modern trends just to please the masses or for a quick burst of popularity. In my opinion, it’s much better for a group to carve out their own niche and gain popularity through that than needlessly bend over backwards to sound like every other act in pursuit of popularity. And because of that I have the utmost respect for a group like Dreamcatcher.

And when considering how seamless of a sequel Boca is to Scream, it’s easy to see how having your own sound can be a great thing. There’s no other song in the market that sounds like this and that sense of individuality makes a song like Boca much more interesting. And while both songs have instrumental driven hooks, they manage to maintain, or in Boca‘s case ignite, the energy needed for the song to really feel as gargantuan as the Dreamcatcher sound promises. It’s not as instantly arresting as Scream‘s near operatic symphonic rock but it still manages to feel just as theatrical and chill inducing as you would expect. This is especially evident during the bridge which maintains the epic drive of the second chorus whilst creating a near unparralled sense of build towards the final hook. It’s the moment that really left me floored and cemented Boca as another slam dunk from the girls.

Verses: 8

Chorus: 9

Production: 10

Performance: 9

Final Rating9 / 10


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