SONG REVIEW: I Don’t Miss U – woo!ah!

While woo!ah! debuted with a certain level of hype surrounding them, the rookie girl group completely managed to fly under my radar. Such too was the case with follow up Bad Girl, which improved upon their debut but still failed to really elicit any sparks. Thankfully, the group have chosen to promote album track I Don’t Miss U as a followup and while not perfect, it does paint a promising picture for the groups sound moving forward.

Right from the start, I Don’t Miss U is much more streamlined than any of the groups past releases. And while some level of experimentation and bombast is always appreciated, this kind of simple pop structure also has its fair share of charms. The bouncy instrumental is nice, acting as a nice headbopper and supplying I Don’t Miss U with a nice sense of groove. Personally it does get a little grating after a few listens but I can easily see why so many people would really enjoy this. The Chainsmolers-lite edm loop is one that I have a love hate relationship with but the girls really elevate the tracks more plodding moments with a great performance.

This sense of personality is a great asset as while the girls musical output has yet to differentiate itself from their many peers, the girls have enough innate charisma and potential that they manage to really sell a track like this. And while the hooks do stick, they wouldn’t be as instantly enjoyable were it not for the interesting vocal melodies and supporting performance. This a nice step forward for the girls and while I might not love it, it’s enough to maintain my interest in the girls for any future releases.

Verses: 7

Chorus: 7

Production: 8

Performance: 8

Final Rating7.5 / 10


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