In an industry that’s come to favour boy groups going harder and edgier over the last few years, it’s been refreshing to see a group like MCND debut with such a goofy and over the top sound. Sure, much of their material hasn’t been the most original, but the boys have a unique vocal blend and rambunctious delivery that makes their material pop just a little more than their peers. This sense of personality allowed for debut effort Ice Age to become a real grower and I think that Crush will have a similar trajectory.

Constructed almost entirely around two incredibly funky loops, Crush embraces its more aloof hip hop sound from its opening moment. It’s a sound incredibly reminiscent of NCT, particularly last years Make A Wish. It’s not hard to see the similarities and even less to understand why TOP media would go for such a sound given the potential commercial that could arise. But in my opinion, the samples utilised here are more enjoyable and well utilised than Make A Wish. It’s immediately catchy, looping back to the wonderfully addictive guitar loop that feels both at once taunting yet cheeky. It’s a great combination that fits the group perfectly.

The same goes for the chorus, which incorporates a more restrained delivery over the boisterous backing. It’s a combination that shouldn’t work on paper but actually lends a nice contrast. It also helps that the hook is maddeningly catchy, finding the right balance between being repetitive but not grating. Much of that can be attributed to MCND’s incredibly unique vocal blend, which lends the hook a greater sense of depth and enjoyment. I truely believe that MCND have greater material to come, as previewed in last year’s fantastic b-side Bumpin’ but Crush is another solid entry into their discography.

Verses: 8

Chorus: 8

Production: 8

Performance: 9

Final Rating8.25 / 10


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