SONG REVIEW: libidO – OnlyOneOf

As much I want to, I’ve never really been able to get into OnlyOneOf. Their music always seems rough and unfinished to me and I think that has to do with the arrangement of most of their tracks. It could also do with their vocal blend. One that I personally don’t find too exciting. So while many were freaking out about the teasers for their new single libidO, I was kind of sitting in the corner with a sense of real indifference. But while not perfect, the boys have returned with a single that’s sure to turn heads.

The initial reaction towards libidO across the internet is of stark contrasts. Many adore the track while many others consider it to be one of the weakest of the year. Contests of extremes like this are common but it’s been a while since I’ve seen an under the radar group create such division with a release. And so since many have been debating over their thoughts on the track, I though I’d come and pitch my two cents.

The thing with a song like libidO is that I’m pretty much pre disposed to liking it. I have this thing for dark, sultry, H&M runway style tracks and libidO fits that description to a tee. The pulsing bassline that anchors much of the track is groovy in the best way possible and the more industrial, minimalistic production during the hook is the ideal runway theme. I could listen to a production like this forever and I love how well the instrumental continues to twist and contort itself into something that feels twisted yet appealing. A great musical reflection of the sexual tension exhibited through the tracks lyrics and music video. As such, I think it’s the track that’s made the best use of OnlyOneOf’s more monotonous vocal blend and arrangement yet, lending the filtered vocals to an equally distorted soundscape. This makes for one of the most atmospheric listens of the past few months.

But without the striking production and layers and layers (and layers….) of lore anchoring the track, there really isn’t much meat on libidO’s bones. There are some addictive hooks scattered around the track but none are affecting as they could be given the strength of the instrumental. The breathy pre-chorus is easily the songs most melodically rigid segment, distilling a melody that illicits the racy nature of the track in stunning fashion. But that’s about it. libidO really needed some extra shots or more memorable melodic construction to really transcend into something magnificent. And because of that, I’m someone who ends up in the middle of the pack. I enjoy the track a great deal, and it’s probably my favourite OnlyOneOf song yet. But I doubt I’ll be listening to it as frequently in a few months as I have with my favourite tracks from earlier in the year.

Verses: 8

Chorus: 8

Production: 10

Performance: 8

Final Rating8.5 / 10


5 thoughts on “SONG REVIEW: libidO – OnlyOneOf

    1. I do agree with you on this point 108Ent! While not necessarily hating the song, I do like the song and its sensual vibe since I am a sucker for chill and experimental Alternative R&B. I do greatly agree with the points presented in here. I also do not think it is the worst song of the year, in fact it is one of the most striking delivered yet.

      By sparking numerous amounts of online presence for the obscene facts. It has already gained traction and buzz. It really grew on me to be honest. I do not know why I didn’t love the song as much as I would if it was in the same plethora of songs but I guess it was just a grower. A solid grower.


  1. I was so sure you’d rate this a nine, because this is one of the best come backs in a year where we have already an embarrassment of riches. That large funky bass in the verses, the intense chorus and airy vocals. It builds to high point after high point and holy gosh, It expands my love for OnlyOneOf!


    1. It’s been an entire month, how much would you rate it now?
      I am not sure if it’s a 10 yet, but It’s really, really close to the score currently.


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