SONG REVIEW: Dreamcatcher – Maison

In a K-pop landscape often dominated by sounds and concepts that feel as though they mush together all too often, groups like Dreamcatcher are a breathe of fresh air. Their harder edged rock sound has been a revelation since their 2017 rebranding and has continued to bear fruit till now. New single Maison acts as the lead single for the groups second full length album and much like 2020’s Scream, leads the project with a unique vision and unyielding intensity.

There’s a reason why I’ve been holding off on reviewing this for a few days. I didn’t know if I wanted to trust my initial reaction. This was easily my most anticipated comeback (par Bigbang) of the year so far and I had been replaying each and every teaser an innumerable amount of times since they dropped. I mean, I’m already incredibly biased to this sound and when considering the general consensus regarding the track upon release, I was initially wondering if I was simply taken over by the hype and total grandeur of it all. But after a solid few days of listening to Maison and the accompanying album, I can confidently say that I completely, unabashedly adore this song.

From the punchy guitar that punctuates the opening verse to the operatic chants that dominate the climax, there isn’t a single moment where Maison feels as though it’s lagging behind. And yes I know the chorus isn’t as instantly captivating as some of the groups other work but when everything surrounding it is so flawlessly arranged and performed, it’s hard not to get swept up in the grandiosity of it all. In fact, I actually really like the more low-key approach of the hook, which contrasts quite well with the aggressive verses. The way the melody opens up during the pre-chorus is just gorgeous and I just can’t get over the “all day all night” hook, which has gone onto become one of my favourite musical moments of the year. And yeah the central melody does come across as rather preachy but I feel like it leans perfectly into the “dramatic camp” idea that I just so happen to love. And one that we don’t see enough of nowadays!

The riffs and textures used throughout the track are also excellent, lending a more funk laced feel to the track whilst still conveying a sense of grit and edge that many other songs aim for but can’t quite achieve. And because of that, I think Maison hits me in a way that no track this year really has. It has a sense of ambition, one that’s not encumbered by the trends of today and manages to keep the energy at a 100 from start to finish. And when taken as a whole, it’s no surprise that this is might just be my favourite Dreamcatcher single since Scream and easily one of 2022’s biggest highlights.

Verses: 10

Chorus: 9

Production: 10

Performance: 9

Final Rating: 9.5 / 10


10 thoughts on “SONG REVIEW: Dreamcatcher – Maison

  1. I really wish they released this song on Earth Day (April 22) l. That would have been so dope. Also it’s been LONG OVERDUE for a Dreamcatcher music show win and I’m glad this song made them achieve that.


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