SONG REVIEW: RoaD-B – Nonstop

I’ve spent the better part of the year complaining about the lack of great (or even good) boy group songs. Most have felt like carbon copies of each other, coming across as uninspired imitations that fail to carve out any exciting new soundscapes ripe for replays. But May’s massive slate of releases seemed to promise otherwise, increasing my hype for releases that I have yet to even hear audio snippets of. But such is life that sometimes the best surprises come out of absolutely nowhere.

Like literally. I didn’t even know who these guys were 30 minutes ago. And while I still may know nothing about RoaD-B other than they are a refactored variant short-lived boy group BXK, I do know that this song is an excellent encapsulation of everything that’s been missing from the recent slate of releases. High energy? Check! Consistent Tempo? Layered vocals? Double Check!

And when looking at the tracks producers, its no surprise why. Headed by the legendary Sweetune, responsible for composing such classics as Infinite’s The Chaser, KARA’s STEP and more recently, TST’s Paradise and Keembo’s solid singles run. And their flawless touch can be felt all over the tracks dynamic brew. It’s the very definition of propulsive, bounding forward with a palpable sense of drive that is so utterly refreshing. It’s not the most commanding of tracks but it knows how to get under your skin. It’s layered approach felt muddled to me on first listen but subsequent listens brought out the sheer number of hooks buried within. Nonstop really never stops, swifting and swerving at just the right moments, resulting in an immensely satisfying listening experience that’s right up there with the strongest material we’ve heard all year.

Verses: 9

Chorus: 9

Production: 9

Performance: 9

Final Rating: 9 / 10


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