SONG REVIEW: Yerin – Aria

Gfriend’s sudden disbandment came as a shock to many fans and casual listeners alike, sending shockwaves through the industry and fracturing one of my all time favourite girl groups. But despite that, 2022 has been kind to girls, enriching their individual ventures alongside heralding the debut and rise of VIVZ. Yerin follows follows Yuju as the second member of the group to debut solo, pulling from the sounds that characterised much of GFRIEND’s discography but failing to really create an individual mark.

To put it simply, there isn’t anything to really make Aria stand out from the crowd. The electronic soundscape that characterises much of the production is nice but has already been done much better by many other artists already. Yerin does well to play off the predictable twists and turns given to her but it results in a rather one note listen, one lacking the kind of memorable highs or even lows that ear catching debuts should illicit. Her light and whispy vocal colour is nice but once again isn’t really enough to carry a song like this.

Thankfully, Aria knows its weaknesses, clocking in at early two and a half minutes, resulting in a track that finishes before you even realise. I appreciate the constant uptempo energy and the the bouncy percussive synths so harken back to some of the more engaging IZ*ONE tracks of the past few years. It’s a nice mood filler and though I don’t think ill be coming back to it much, I congratulate Yerin on her solo debut. Though the more upbeat pop rock of Believer would have made a much more exciting debut.

Verses: 7

Chorus: 7

Production: 7

Performance: 7

Final Rating7 / 10


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