Song Review: LE SSERAFIM – Unforgiven (ft. Nile Rodgers)

LE SSERAFIM were one of 2022’s biggest names, introducing themselves with a strong set of songs and even more potent personalities. Antifragile remains one of the most addictive tracks of the past few years and while I never got on the Fearless train as hard as many others, there’s no denying the commercial potency of its stylish sound. This brings us to Unforgiven, which though potent, lacks some of the sparks that made the groups previous two efforts so exciting.

I think the main problem with Unforgiven is its hooks and overall melodic arrangement. Sure the production does much of the heavy lifting but there’s just something about the melodies that just feels more grating than they should be. The delivery is solid but i just can’t seem to connect with both the opening and central hooks as much as I would like. From the concept to the soundscape, in many ways, Unforgiven mirrors ITZY’s 2020 banger Not Shy. But while that songs melodic routes and chanty detours served to enhance the sound, Unforgiven instead feels inconsistent and more haphazard. It hinges far too heavily on repetition to the point that initially enticing hooks grow old before the track has even exhausted its initial runtime. Characteristics that deviate far from the focus displayed in their previous efforts.

However, Unforgiven is still far from a flop in my opinion. The instrumental production here is very up my alley, bringing together elements of western guitar and pounding percussion to create a soundscape that feels just as exciting as it is ambitious. The pre-chorus is also a real highlight, clearing the air for a much more melodic and musically invigorating segment that feels like the ideal build. Had the track leaned a bit more into these more unique melodies over the repetitive nature of its surroundings, we could have really had something on our hands. However in the end, Unforgiven fails to really live unto more than the sum of its parts, coming across as a hodgepodge of ideas that while individually potent, come together to form a less than cohesive whole.

Verses: 8

Chorus: 7

Production: 8

Performance: 8

Final Rating: 7.75 / 10


One thought on “Song Review: LE SSERAFIM – Unforgiven (ft. Nile Rodgers)

  1. Okay… here me out. I like, kinda like Unforgiven, like not 9+ like, but like solid 8.5 or 8.75 like. Yeah, a good part of that comes down to the Morricone sample and the girls’ charisma, but this song is definitely a win in my books.


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