SONG REVIEW: After School – Weeekly

As the unofficial successors to Apink’s bright, bubbly sound, Weeekly were bound to hit a soft spot for me. They manage to skirt the fine line between cute and bright, melding the more aegyo inspired aspects of their arrangements with some gorgeous shots of melody to create some strong tracks. And while I haven’t enjoyed all of their work, their best work remains excellent. New single After School is another bubbly pop song that sidesteps its uninspiring instrumental with a gorgeous melody.

Described as reggae-pop before its release, I wasn’t too excited for the release of After School. Especially since it shared its release date with arguably my most anticipated debut of the year. But to my surprise, the track actually embraces the ‘POP’ aspect of that label more than the ‘reggae’, which is only prevalent during the first and parts of the second verse. The rest of After School harnesses a classic pop sound that feels all at once satisfying yet off kilter. It recalls some of the more quirky Red Velvet songs and that comparison is never a bad thing. And while the instrumental does feel a little trippy and hollow for my liking it isn’t enough to derail the tracks more addicting elements.

One of which, is After School‘s great chorus. The thing that really separates the good Weeekly songs from the great is their melody and the multi part chorus at After School‘s core is one of the most satisfying in their discography. I love how its more aloof opening refrain still is filled with a great sense of melody and the more emotive refrain that follows is just pure pop goodness. It isn’t the most original of songs but sometimes all you need is a little bite sized pop song and After School fills that desire with ease.

Verses: 8

Chorus: 9

Production: 7

Performance: 9

Final Rating8.25 / 10


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