Mass Roundup: May – June

**Some songs I missed in the March - April roundup** G-reyish – Breath;(Blood Night) G-reyish have never been on my radar before but with the very interesting Blood Night, the girls have come out with something worth checking out. The trance like instrumental is a very interesting touch during the verses and the chanted hook … Continue reading Mass Roundup: May – June

SONG REVIEW: Feel Good (Secret Code) – fromis_9

It's been nearly 15 months since we last got a fromis_9 comeback, an eternity in the K-pop landscape. Much like groups like IZ*ONE and X1, fromis were subject to an uncertain future after the investigations into MNET led reality shows led to the discovery of heavy ethical and technical misconduct. Thankfully, the group were given … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: Feel Good (Secret Code) – fromis_9