The 100 Best Anime Openings Of All Time (70-61)

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70. LiSA – Rising Hope (“The Irregular at Magic High School” Opening 1)

Released: 2014

LiSA is always a reliable supplier of banging anime openings and the relentlessly upbeat Rising Hope is right up there with the best of them. The verses play around with tempo and more hard rock elements before the excellent, melodic chorus comes in to flip the whole thing on its head. The animation of the opening is also perfectly calibrated shifting perfectly into more chaotic framing once the hook hits.

69. Burnout Syndromes – Fly High!! (“Haikyuu!!” Opening 4)

Released: 2016

All of Haikyuu!!’s openings are great but the majestic Fly High!! will always have a special place in my heart. The opening few seconds of Hinata suspended in the air are just stunning and the supporting melody is equally as potent. The song and animation come together to create somthing that both feels incredibly motivational yet at the same time nostalgic. And that’s my favourite kind of opening.

68. Joe Inoue – Closer (“Naruto Shippuden” Opening 4)

Released: 2008

The arc that felt more like “Shikamaru Shippuden” than “Naruto Shippuden” had the absolute perfect opening. Closer is just a pure shot of emotion from start to finish with a chorus that expertly conveys the sense of desperation felt by the characters during this part of the show. But my favourite moment of the opening comes during its final third when a new gorgeous melody line is introduced to really bring the entire package home.

67. Yuka Iguchi – Platinum Disco (“Nisemonogatari” Opening 3)

 Released: 2012

Ah yes, Platinum Spice *cough* I mean Disco.

Out of all the openings in the top 100, this is probably the most instantly catchy, underlined by a bouncy instrumental that’s engineered to get stuck in your head from the first listen. It’s whimsical soundscape and cutesy vocals are just short of grating but come into full focus during the incredibly addictive chorus that just bursts with optimism and an instantly iconic dance to boot.

66. Kenshi Yonezu – Peace Sign (“My Hero Academia” Opening 2)

Released: 2017

Modern J-pop’s poster boy has some great songs but the driving Peace Sign is his only venture so far into the world of anime openings. So as such, you knew it had to be on the list somewhere. Filled to the brim with handclaps and supporting guitars, Peace Sign knows its strengths from the start and filter all of its energy towards an excellent central refrain.

65. Weaver – Kuchizuke Diamond (“Yamada Kun and The Seven Witches” Opening 1)

Released: 2016

An addictive blend on keyboard riffs and percussion, Weaver gave the great slice of life anime “Yamada Kun and The Seven Witches” an equally great opening. Kuchizuke Diamond is home to some truly gorgeous melodies that don’t stretch themselves further than they need to and perfectly compliment the lighthearted nature of the show. The animation is simple but does well to remain memorable through its own minimalism.

64. Back-On (feat. Lil fang) – Wimp (“Gundam Build Fighters” Op 2) 

Released: 2014

Back-On’s Teeda and Faky’s Lil Fang show that they make a vocal blend made in heaven with the fist pumping greatness of Wimp. The verses are classic Back-On but the towering chorus is one of the best I’ve ever heard. Sure it takes some predictable melodic turns but the familiarity works in its favour, perfectly lending itself to the rapid fire animation and dramatic nature of the Gundam series. And just when you think it’s over, it slams back again with full force for maximum effect.

63. Scandal – Harukaze (“Bleach” Opening 15)

Released: 2012

The final opening (so far) for the Bleach franchise, Harukaze succeeds purely because of just how well the song and animation perfectly cater to the shows audience. The entire package has a sense of finality to it, both musically and animation wise. The track is just gorgeous, harbouring a melody that feels nostalgic and complete, something that has only gotten stronger over the years. But what really cements Bleach’s 15 opening at the 63rd spot is the segment that runs from 1:10 to 1:20. The idea to put the title card of every Bleach episode behind Ichigo as he walks towards the camera was just genius and the best way to pull at the heartstrings of the franchises many fans.

62. The Rootless – One Day (“One Piece” Opening 13) 

Released: 2011

Though much of One Piece (and its openings) thrive on a sense of adventure, my favourite openings and moments of the series are actually the quieter and more down to earth moments. And no opening conveyed that better the 13th opening, One Day. The chorus is instantly iconic, surging with a heavy dose of emotion that’s enough to evoke an emotional reaction from almost anyone. A truly gorgeous opening and easily my favourite One Piece intro yet.

61. PornoGraffitti – Melissa (“Fullmetal Alchemist” Opening 1)

Released: 2003

While the original Fullmetal Alchemist isn’t nearly as good as the 2010 remake, there is one department in which I think it has the latter beat. And that’s with the openings. Now FMAB might have a more consistent quality when it comes to openings but the original FMA has the best one out of them all and that’s Melissa. The funky bass driven greatness of the song is just too good and overcomes much of the sub-par animation of the opening to easily find a place on this list.

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  1. Whoa, One Day is darn close to perfection, and the Closer is super, super great too!

    Wait, Peace Sign was an anime opening?! I never knew…

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