K-POP Monthly Roundup: February 2021

Due to the relentless release schedule that us K-pop and J-pop fans have to endure, it’s not easy to consume all the content at once. That’s why I thought it would be fun at the end of each month, to look back at my top 5 K-pop singles and B-sides along with my top 3 J-popsingles. Although … Continue reading K-POP Monthly Roundup: February 2021


The 50 Best J-Pop songs of 2020 (25-6)

Now that I’ve counted down my favourite and least favourite K-pop songs of the year, it’s finally time to have a look at some of my absolute favourite J-pop songs of the year. Unlike K-pop, which experienced a strong but rather unspectacular year, Japan had an absolutely incredibly year musically. My countdown here is probably the strongest of the … Continue reading The 50 Best J-Pop songs of 2020 (25-6)