K-POP Monthly Roundup: February 2021

Due to the relentless release schedule that us K-pop and J-pop fans have to endure, it’s not easy to consume all the content at once. That’s why I thought it would be fun at the end of each month, to look back at my top 5 K-pop singles and B-sides along with my top 3 J-popsingles. Although my placement for singles will mostly be based on my reviews, there are songs that tend to grow/fade much more than others

As many of you might have picked up, I’m not the best at sticking to schedules. This roundup comes at a time where I should have honestly been starting to draft my roundup for this month! But alas, my laziness coupled with the start of a new university year is never a good combination. But don’t let my tardiness act as a reflection of my feelings towards February as a whole. This was easily one of the strongest months for K-pop we’ve seen in a long time. We got some incredible comebacks from the likes of ONF, Wonho, CIX and most importantly, K-pop kings, SHINee. Their big single Don’t Call Me might have split opinion upon release but the accompanying album of the same name was exactly what fans of the group were waiting for. 3 of my top 5 favourite b-sides of the month are from that album I don’t think that should surprise.

My top 3 singles are also all stunners with the top 2 acting as easy contenders for song of the year. My top pick shouldn’t really be a surprise for readers of the blog but the second pick is right at its heels. My 4th pick was another strong entry and while it wasn’t as flashy as some of the other tracks that came out this month, its smooth downbeat vibe got under my skin in the best way possible. My fifth and final pick was a little harder. The likes of Sunmi, Keembo and SHINee were all very strong contenders but I had to give it to a group that have just charmed me to the ends of the earth. They remain one of my absolute favourite rookie acts.

In terms of J-pop, it was another very solid month. My top 3 are once again some of my favourite songs of the year and harbour some truly stunning melodies. My second and third picks are both gorgeous tracks that have some of my favourite chorus melodies of the year and would have easily topped the list if it weren’t for the sheer adventurous and daring nature of my top pick. It’s 100% one of the most bombastic and unique songs of the past decade and while it may prove disorientating on first listen, I assure you that it will get around to you eventually. Normally at this point of time I would talk about what I would be looking forward to for the upcoming month but since we’re pretty much at the end of March, I feel like I’ll save that for when I write that particular roundup in the coming days.






Honourable Mentions

C.T.O – Oh! That Girl

Keembo – Inside (review)

Kingdom – Excalibur

ONF – My Name Is

SHINee – Don’t Call Me (review)

Sunmi – Tail (review)

TRI.BE – Doom Doom Ta

5. LUCY – Hero 

4. CIX – Cinema (review)

3. Wonho – Lose (review)

2. ONF – Beautiful Beautiful (review)

1. Golden Child – Breathe (review)


Honourable Mentions

CIX – Young

Chungha – Bother Me / Lemon

ONF – I.T.I.L.U / Secret Triangle

SHINee – Body Rhythm / Kiss Kiss

Wonho – Best Shot


5. SHINee – Heart Attack

4. ONF – The Realist

3. SHINee – CØDE

2. LUCY – Stove (review)

1. SHINee – I Really Want You (review)

J-POP Highlights

Honourable Mentions

Kis-My-Ft2 – Luv Bias

Genic – Futures

Monsta X – Wanted

Nissy – Get You Back

Sexy Zone – Right Next To You

Solidemo – Taking Off!!

The Boyz – Breaking Dawn

The Rampage – Silver Rain


3. SixTONES – Boku ga Bokujyanai Mitaida 

2. DISH// – Birthday

1. Shinsei Kamattechan – Boku No Sensou (My War) (review)


6 thoughts on “K-POP Monthly Roundup: February 2021

  1. This month was spectacular! 2021 has been super amazing and February just showcases that.

    My Growers for this month will go to:
    Lucy’s Hero: 8.25 — 8.75
    SHINee’s CODE: 8.75 — 9.5

    Top Song Of The Month:
    ONF’s Beautiful Beautiful: 9.75 — 10

    Runner Up Of The Month:
    Golden Child’s Breathe: 9.5 — 9.75

    Songs which could have broken In:
    Wonho’s Lose: 9.25 (Same)’

    B-side of The Month:
    SHINee’s I Really Want You: 9.75 — 10

    J-pop Song of The Month:
    I Don’t Know…..

    It’s Really hard for me to rate a title track 10/10, so the fact February let in 2 (!) songs inside the category (one being a b-side), just shows the strength of the month as a whole.

    I am expecting Kang Seung, Sung Kyu and WJSN to really hit it out of the park in the next few days, with ATEEZ releasing a follow up music video for the fantastic Take Me Home.
    Which Reminds me, Is there a chance for that Beast Sides Review?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. By The Way! The B-side ranking this march will be really competitive!
        Pentagon – That’s Me!
        Super Junior – Burn The Floor!
        GHOST9 – UNO!
        ATEEZ – Take Me Home!
        The Boyz – Prism!
        Sexy Zone – Money Money!
        DRIPPIN – Reach Out Your Hands!
        Fantastics – Playback!

        What are we gonna do for this one? So many god-like tracks.


    1. Update for this list:
      Kingdom’s Excalibur: 8.5 – 9
      C.TO’s Oh That Girl: 8.5 – 9
      SHINee’s Don’t Call Me: 8.5 – 9
      Sunmi’s Tail: 8 – 9
      Wonho’s Lose: 9.25 – 9.75
      KEEMBO’s Inside: 8.25 – 8.75
      CIX’s Cinema: 8 – 8.5

      Even though February took time, It unveiled itself as a classic K-pop month!


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