Although I wasn’t the biggest fan of either of Everglow’s 2018 singles, I appreciated their embrace of a more propulsive and bombastic sound. I know many would complain about the group essentially releasing the same song 3 different times, I actually appreciate it. It establishes a signature sound, something every new group needs if they want to break out in this cut throat industry. This approach quickly won them many fans, and if new single DUN DUN is any indication, then they might have just got another.

Both Bon Bon Chocolate and Adios, although following a similar big house approach didn’t quite connect with me. BBC felt a little too chirpy, and although Adios was a much stronger follow up, it seemed too beholden to current trends and a certain song that had been released earlier in the year. DUN DUN on the other hand, provides a much more refreshing musical template, incorporating an exciting middle eastern influence that helps the track stand out in a sea of hard hitting girl group releases. The girls also sound much better here, infusing the verses with a healthy dose of attitude and charisma. The backing track is also great, incorporating various elements, whilst still adhering to their signature big house sound. The minimalistic pre-chorus works even better here than it did in Adios, setting up an ideal build for the expected bombastic drop.

This brings me to the hook, which is the biggest and best the group has ever put their name to. It’s suitably large and bombastic and powers forward with the kind of intent I’ve been missing lately. The chanting over the drop does come across as abit cloying initially, but I expect it will age better over further listens. Although I was abit sceptical at first, i was relieved when the girls came in with a suitably strong vocal hook in the second half of the chorus. The addictive repetition of the title is also an ear worm, infusing the mammoth hook with a very quotable refrain. I also love how well it transitions from chorus to verse. It’s a clever little production choice, and works wonders for the track. The fact that the track concludes with a segment that’s purely instrumental, also scratches one of my few particular musical itches, and results in an extremely satisfying conclusion.

When I first heard Adios, I heard shades of Stray Kid’s excellent Side Effects (although this isn’t the track I mentioned earlier). The same can be said for Dun Dun, which has shades of Stray Kids modern masterpiece Miroh. Whereas Adios harnessed many of the same elements as Side Effects in less exhilarating ways, Dun Dun utilises some of Miroh‘s best moments to great effect. This results in what is easily the groups best track yet.

Verses: 9

Chorus: 9

Production: 10

Performance: 8

Final Rating9 / 10



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