AB6IX were one of my favourite rookies from last year. Their full embrace of the deep house genre was right up my alley, and resulted in two fantastic singles. Out of the groups that the now infamous “Produce” franchise has spawned, I firmly believe that AB6IX is the most cohesive. Not only does the group feel like they have a musical direction, but each and every member brings something incredibly distinct and unique to the table. Brand New Music must also understand this, as the groups latest project ‘5NALLY’ consists exclusively of solos from each member, with individual mv’s scheduled to be released for each member. To kickstart this rollout is member Woong’s MOONDANCE.

The main problem that I’ve had with AB6IX is their lack of album consistency. Though I’ve loved both their lead singles, most of the other tracks on ‘B:COMPLETE’ and ‘6IXENSE’ ignited very few sparks for me. ‘5NALLY’ faces the same issue, where one track overshadows all the others on the record. Unfortunately, MOONDANCE is not that song, although it does have many charms of its own.

What MOONDANCE suffers from most, is its murky verses. I get that they are going for a sultry atmospheric vibe, but it comes across as more lethargic than vital. They lurch forward without any sense of identity or conviction and are by far the tracks most uninteresting moments. But once the pre-chorus hits, we know we are in much more dynamic territory. The production revs up, as the percussion and background vocals become more pronounced, imbuing the track with much more anthemic heft. The production comes full circle once again during the hook, which sticks immediately. I love how the vocals drop out and come roaring back in during each refrain. It really provides the otherwise standard chorus with additional character.

Though Woong provides a phenomenal dance performance, his vocals on this track seem oddly restrained. The same could be said about the production, which I feel would have benefited from going much bigger. We get a glimpse of this during the final few seconds of the track, but tacking on your best moments to the very end of a song isn’t really the best idea. Especially for a track that feels as mundane as MOONDANCE. Never the less, it’s still one of the stronger tracks on the album, and I look forward to the mv’s for others.

Verses: 6

Chorus: 7

Production: 7

Performance: 8

Final Rating7 / 10

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