The first notable debut of the year, MCND are the latest boy group from the rather middling, but always musically potent Top Media. All three of the companies previous groups (Teen Top, 100% and Up10tion) have all been responsible for releasing an incredibly consistent stream of music, and as a result MCND fall under high expectations. And while Ice Age doesn’t match those expectations, but it does provide one of the years most instantly chantable hooks.

Before I talk about Ice Age, I must say that I despised their pre release Top Gang that was released all the way at the start of January. It was a track that basically did everything I despise within the music landscape, hinging on an aggressive trap beat that pretty much goes no where. For that reason, Ice Age is actually a fun surprise bursting with a rather enjoyable chanty hook. It’s one of the tracks most fun moments, acting as a surprisingly catchy refrain whilst still bursting with character. It’s actually incredibly funny watching the guys trying so hard to sell a hook that essentially rests on the refrain “come into ice hail”. And in this way, Ice Age manages to bring some sense into novelty into an otherwise standard hype track. Not unlike debut era BTS actually.

The rest of Ice Age is a rather standard hype track, powering forward with the kind of overused trap edm mix that has plagued almost every other recent boy group comeback. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the hook I would be writing the track and group off almost completely. But alas, MCND’s seniors have an incredibly illustrious reputation, and for that I’ll be looking out for them in the future. Even if Ice Age and Top gang aren’t the type of tracks I actively look out for.

Verses: 6

Chorus: 8

Production: 7

Performance: 9

Final Rating7.5 / 10


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