For me, MCND have always been one of those underdog groups, releasing songs that don’t leave much of an impression on first listen but grow into real ear worms over time. Such was the case with their excellent debut Ice Age (a song that would easily garner a rating in the mid 8’s now) and especially last years Crush. A song that saw the group perfect their rambunctious hip hop sound to deliver an incredibly catchy blast of fun hip-hop and one that would easily rank within the 9’s now. Sure there have been some duds along the way but I’m always looking forward to new MCND content. Now ahead of their upcoming comeback, the group have given us a track video for pre-release W.A.T.1. A rock tinged detour that works surprisingly well.

Opening with an instantly catchy and surprisingly emotive guitar loop that acts as the backbone for much of the track, W.A.T.1 takes a much more muted and restrained approach when compared to their previous efforts. It’s a sound that I personally really enjoy and one that the boys pull off with a real sense of flair. In contrast to many modern day boy group efforts, I really laud W.A.T.1 for its more melodic approach. It does have the standard shouty chorus but it’s surrounded by a strong melodic backbone and a gorgeous instrumental that creates a great atmosphere. The chorus echo’s this, harnessing a snowballing melody that feels energetic without trying too hard. It’s very catchy and performed with gusto, a characteristic which could be said about almost all of MCND’s singles. In fact, the entire track feels very akin to Lil Nas X’s That’s What I Want from last year. A song that I also happen to like quite a bit.

It’s not the most inventive of songs and honestly that’s ok. It’s catchy as hell, incredibly streamlined and a solid departure that makes me excited for the groups upcoming comeback.

*end of post message, I started writing this post back when it came out and now I’m cripplingly addicted to this song and Crush.

Verses: 8

Chorus: 9

Production: 8

Performance: 9

Final Rating: 8.5 / 10


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