Eyedi has always been a weird artist for me to properly assess. Her brand of psychedelic lo-fi synth-pop is completely unique within the K-pop landscape, and this often results in a number of singles that are either absolute knockouts, or complete let downs. Last years hypnotic &new luckily fell into the former category, providing one of the most surreal listening experiences of 2019. This continues with new single, although the results aren’t as strong.

Before I jump into the specifics of the track, let me get something out of the way first. I absolutely love city pop. It’s one of my favourite genre’s and to see artists like Yukika and Eyedi fully embrace it is wonderful. This means that I have a massive soft spot for songs like this. But while &new was pretty much a perfect reimagination of my faviourite aspects of the genre, rids much of the retro influence for a more restrained dark funk vibe. While not as instantly captivating, it’s still incredibly alluring. I especially love the ambient production on this track, fusing standard club beats with a number of unique production choices. Most notably the swirling synth line that repeats during the hook. It adds additional character to an otherwise minimal hook.

But while this sense of ambience is incredibly captivating, it unfortunately relies more on mood than fully fleshed out melody and hooks. feels like a song much more suited to certain moods than a necessary track that I’ll find myself repeating at any time of the day. Songs like &new and Caffeine side stepped this by having incredibly memorable hooks that pretty much forced you to come back after every listen. But while this is one of my main quarrels with the track, it also actually works in the tracks favour. The ambient production and vocal work on the track is so well constructed, that I can pretty much leave it on loop whenever I want to focus on something important, or just relax. Rather than provide sensory overload, it’s the perfect track to fall asleep to. And I mean that as a compliment.

Verses: 8

Chorus: 8

Production: 10

Performance: 8

Final Rating: 8.5/10


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