Retro Rewind: Come Back Home – 2NE1

With the burgeoning growth of K-pop in its current state, many newer fans are unaware of many of the genres past classics. That’s why every week I will be taking a look back at some of K-pop’s most exciting and iconic tracks that were released before the conception of this blog to shed some light on this now bygone time.

Year released: 2014

Few girl groups have, or ever will accomplish what 2NE1 managed throughout their 7 years of activity. Not only were they one of the biggest girl group k-pop has ever seen, but they also supplied us with some of the most timeless and iconic singles of all time. And while the incredible Come Back Home isn’t one of their greatest moments, its release still marks one of K-pop’s most monumental moments.

During their peak 2NE1 were one of those groups who were able to toe to toe with the nations girl group Girls Generation. This led to intense rivalry between fans of both groups, leading to some of Kpop’s most infamous fan wars. While the entire controversy surrounding the release of both Come Back Home and Mr Mr is a topic for another post entirely, it just wouldn’t be right to not mention within the context of this review. And if I were to just pick one, it would probably be Come Back Home. It’s one of Korean Pop musics most galvanising singles, taking genres such as hip hop, reggae and electro pop and mashing them into one distinctly Korean hit.

As a song, Come Back Home is one of the groups more restrained recordings, powering forward with a strong sentimental melody that works as the perfect playground for the groups unique vocals. They’re incredibly engaging, carrying just enough emotional pathos and stability to feel essential. While I’m not the biggest fan of Bom’s unique vocal tone, she sounds incredible here. She along with CL are easily the songs MVP’s providing some of the most powerful vocal performances within their discography. Rather providing incredibly high notes, this mellow vocal delivery is incredibly refreshing and exactly what this track needed. This carries onto the tracks yearning hook, which pulses with unexpected emotional weight. It’s easily the groups most cathartic, sweeping hook, powering forward on an ascending melodic line.

But Come Back Home’s biggest, and only hiccup is that twisted EDM drop that follows the end of every hook. I remember being incredibly put off the first time I heard the track, thinking it to be more a grating mood killer than necessary asset to the tracks development. Thankfully it’s a segment that’s only improved with time, proving that sometimes Teddy really does knows what he’s doing. It’s not a segment I would keep if I were given a choice, but one that I can easily deal with. Come Back Home is one of the genres most unique tracks, moving from one exciting element to another without missing a beat. And while it may not be one of 2NE1’s most essential tracks, Kpop would not be the same without it.

Verses: 9

Chorus: 9

Production: 10

Performance: 9

Final Rating9.25 / 10


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