The 100 Best Anime Openings Of All Time (90-81)

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90. redballoon – Giniro no Sora (“Gintama” Opening 3)

Year Released: 2007

Though lacking in the animation and visuals department as compared to many other openings, Gintama’s third opening has one hell of a melody to fall back on. The chorus here is just fantastic, pulsing with an incredible level of emotional heft and lending itself to both instant enjoyment and great longevity.

89. Kanako Ito – Hacking to the Gate (“Steins Gate” Opening 1)

Year Released: 2011

An iconic opening for one of the best and most critically acclaimed anime of all time, Hacking to the Gate expertly laid out the essence of the show through well timed transitions and imagery that perfectly reflected the mind bending nature of this time travel masterpiece.

88. Hiroshi Kitadani – We Are! (“One Piece” Opening 1)

Year Released: 1998

A song that get’s on this list thanks solely to how iconic it is for the genre, We Are! heralded the start of a monolith in the anime industry and has since gone on to achieve legendary status amongst casual watchers and fans alike. It’s bright, happy go lucky sound is perfectly attuned to the show and don’t tell me you don’t get a little emotional when watching it all these years later.

87. Back-On – Strike Back (“Fairy Tail” Opening 16)

Year Released: 2014

A pulsing guitar driven anthem, Strike Back is the most popular of Fairy Tail’s many opening themes. And for good reason too as its epic sound and great animation are a perfect fit for a battle shounen such as this and for many fans, that’s all it needs.

86. BLEND-A – Bon Appétit (“Blend S” Opening 1)

Year Released: 2017

Probably one of the funniest and most memed opening few seconds of an opening ever, Bon Appétit is a certified banger of a song. The lolified vocals are an acquired taste but there’s no denying the buoyant instrumental and incredibly catchy central hook. Also we got the hilarious Blend W because of this and for that I will be ever grateful.

85. Shonan No Kaze – Grand Blue (“Grand Blue” Opening 1)

Year Released: 2018

An opening that has gone onto become a summer staple, Grand Blue is the encapsulation of a good time. It’s the perfect soundtrack to this “diving” anime and the chanted hook and bouncy instrumental are perfect with or without the supporting visuals.

84. The Oral Cigarettes – Kouran Hey Kids!! (“Noragami: Aragoto” Opening 1)

Year Released: 2015

Another probable upset, Kouran Hey Kids! continued the trend of Norgami having fantastic soundtracks. The greyscale character colour palette is once again great and really makes the other colours pop and the fantastic action scenes that cover the second half of the opening are very satisfying to watch. But it’s the driving nature of the song that really helps the opening of Aragoto to be one of the most viewed.

83. SID – Rain (“Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” Opening 5)

Year Released: 2011

Fullmetal Alchemist is marvel in storytelling and the melancholic soft rock of Rain was the perfect final opening for the show. The darker, more muted colour scheme accurately portrayed the themes of the show and the transition into the brighter frames at the end worked to show that there is light at the end of the tunnel. A fitting end to the most critically acclaimed anime of all time.

82. Funkist – Ft. (“Fairy Tail” Opening 3)

Year Released: 2010

The flute sample that runs through much of Ft. transforms what could have been an otherwise strong opening into a real standout. The animation here is strong, lending itself well to the rousing track that remains one of the strongest out of many.

81. FREE蛇’M – 伝心∞アンチェインド (Denshin ∞ Unchained) (“Mushibugyo” Opening 2)

Year Released: 2015

A show that could be best described as “Attack on Titan but with bugs and without the genocide”, Mushibugyo was slept on by many during its airing. And while the show itself wasn’t too special, its second opening was a stunner, powering forward on a propulsive guitar driven backing and fantastic performance. I can’t find the opening itself on any streaming sites but the song alone is worth the listen!


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