SONG REVIEW: Break All The Rules – Cravity

The debut of a new group is always exciting, especially when it comes from one of the bigger entertainment companies. Starship entertainment’s Cravity is the latest group to join the company’s illustrious roster of groups. Given the groups number of Produce alumni and last years excellent Pretty Girl, I was full on expecting the group to follow a more bright and upbeat route. Unfortunately, Break All The Rules envisions the boys in a dark and edgy light to underwhelming results.

The most important objective of a debut is to establish a groups signature sound, and this is where Cravity, or more likely Starship Entertainment have stumbled. Not only does Break All The Rules sound too much like every other boy group release of the past few months, but it’s also too soundalike of seniors Monsta X to really stand out. Now I understand younger groups trying to replicate the sounds that made their seniors successful, but I honestly think that Cravity would have found much more success tackling the epic synth driven sounds that made Boyfriend such a treat. It’s a similarity that is ever present throughout their entire debut album, which although solid, doesn’t really have much to seperate Cravity from the crowd.

Now all of this doesn’t necessarily mean that Break The Rules is a bad song. The track has a nice drive to it, assisted by a robotic, almost industrialised beat. It’s a sound that I very much enjoy, and works wonders during the tracks standout verses. Things get even better during the rapid fire pre-chorus, which provides an exhilarating build towards the tracks hook, which pulses with an instantly gritty instrumental. It’s a bit too one note for my liking, but I like how it doesn’t stray too far from the tracks centeral goal. But in the end Rules adheres to too many generic trends to really leave an impression on me. They have bucketloads of potential, but I hope it’s utilised for a much more unique track next time around.

Verses: 9

Chorus: 7

Production: 7

Performance: 8

Final Rating7.75 / 10


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