KBOPPED Weekly Charts: 17/06/20

Starting today we have an all new feature! I’ve always had a bit of a problem with Korea’s chart system so i thought, why not come up with my own! As of today we are starting the Kbopped weekly charts! These charts will be solely based on my own play history and will feature my top 20 most played tracks of the week be it Korean, Japanese, Chinese or even English! For our first edition, we’ve got the electro-funk of Verivery’s Beautiful-x leading the charge with another RTK single, ONF’s New World following closely behind. Third place goes to WJSN’s Butterfly, a song that’s only gotten better with time.

One odd little track that you might notice in the top 5 is K.Will’s Talk Love, an Ost from the hit Korean drama ‘Descendants of the Sun. I’ve recently finished up watching the show and can confirm that it definitely lives up to hype. The pop guitar driven Talk Love is the most repayable track from the show and never fails to put me in a good mood. Rounding up the top 5 at number 4 is Bang Yedam’s pensive Wayo, a track I still haven’t brought myself to review even though it’s grown on me a lot since its release.

#1Verivery – Beautiful-x15(=)
#2ONF – New World 13(=)
#3WJSN – Butterfly11(=)
#4Bang Yedam – Wayo10(=)
#5K.Will – Talk Love 9(=)
#6ONF – It’s Raining (RTK)9(=)
#7Sunmi – Heroine9(=)
#8WJSN – Pantomime8(=)
#9ONEUS – Be Mine (RTK)8(=)
#10 WJSN – Where You Are8(=)
#11The Boyz – Checkmate 8(=)
#12BTS – We are Bulletproof: the Eternal7(=)
#13Oh My Girl – NONSTOP7(=)
#14ONEUS – Come Back Home7(=)
#15The Boyz – REVEAL (Catching Fire)7(=)
#16Imfact – LALIDA6(=)
#17The Boyz – No Air6(=)
#18WJSN – HOLA6(=)
#19WJSN – Our Garden6(=)
#20E’Last – Swear5(=)

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