SONG REVIEW: Cloud 9 – Cravity

Despite the title track being a little too generic for my liking, Cravity’s debut album is probably my favourite debut of the year so far. The album was full of enjoyable yet different material with tracks like Top of the Chain, Stay and Star being definite standouts. Another one of these undeniable highlights was Cloud 9, which placed solidly within my top 5 album tracks of April. I always hoped the group would debut with a more upbeat and bright concept and in that way I’m delighted that they chose Cloud 9 as a followup.

There isn’t remotely original bone within Cloud 9‘s bubblegum pop brew and for once I’m actually fine with that. There has been a sore lack in this kind of energetic upbeat pop and much like former agency seniors Boyfriend, I really wish they would push further down this route. Right off the bat, the upbeat production and giddy beat are right up my alley. The best part about this is that it never loses this sense of momentum either, powering forward with the kind of clean cut production that’s become all but extinct in modern kpop. The combination of deep house, rhythm guitar and tropical house has become all too common but I much prefer it over the ugly clatter trap of recent months. .And while the anthemic hook and chanty post chorus refrain are all par for the course with a track like this, It doesn’t change the fact that the results are just as exciting every time.

But whilst I enjoy Cloud 9 very very much, It made me ask the question. How great would Cravity sound if they were paired with Sweetune? The group clearly have a number of unique vocal timbre’s and given their always great vocal layering and retro inspired arrangements, I could see real potential in this partnership. Though I doubt this would ever come into fruition. Maybe part of me just wants another Boyfriend esque group to fill the gaping hole in my upbeat pop loving heart.

Verses: 8

Chorus: 9

Production: 9

Performance: 9

Final Rating8.75 / 10


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