Beast Sides: Moya Moya – Weki Meki

While I predominantly cover singles on here, I’ve always been an avid consumer of albums. More often than not, this results in some songs that I adore but others that I detest. As a remedy to this issue, please welcome an all new feature, Beast Sides! These songs put the Beast in B-side and are either stronger than their accompanying title track or songs that are just too solid to leave out.

While this year has produced some strong singles, we have yet to get the standard girl group summer time smash. It’s one of my favourite styles and the fact that seemingly no girl group has chosen to go down this path in 2020 has kind of left me baffled. Last year Cosmic girls kicked off the season with the buoyant Boogie Up and Weki Meki’s own Tiki Taka (99%) was one of last years best examples. Thankfully, Weki Meki’s Moya Moya re-ignites this upbeat summertime fare in thrilling fashion.

Given the current season and the quality of this track, it’s hard for me to understand why Oopsy was chosen as the title track. Moya Moya is better in almost every way acting as the perfect summer time girl group song with a galvanising melody and soaring two part chorus that is both extremely catchy and powerful. There isn’t a single moment were Moya Moya feels like its lagging in momentum and in 2020 that feels like a freaking godsend. The singalong that opens the song and acts as the post chorus is one of the years most instantly addictive hooks, coasting along at a laid back pace that feels perfectly fit for the summer.

The frothy dance beat that underlines the verses is also a highlight acting as a supremely joyful backdrop for the girls to really deliver hook after hook. Whereas most of Oopsy consisted of the girls rattling off lines in a bratty sing-talk structure, Moya Moya sees them embrace their more melodic side and I’m all the more for it. The breathless pre-chorus is probably my favourite moment of the track, presenting an airy build towards that megawatt pop hook that truly transcends the track into absolute greatness. While it doesn’t do anything revolutionary, there’s a certain comfort in this kind pop song and for that reason it would have made an incredible single and is easily my favourite Weki Meki track yet.

Verses: 9

Chorus: 10

Production: 9

Performance: 9

Final Rating9.25 / 10


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