ATEEZ are one of those groups who have yet to disappoint me. After an incredible 2019, they started the year off with a bang with the phenomenal Answer. This kind of consistent quality has been hard to find with many recent groups but the groups willingness to stick with the same few producers since their debut has really paid off. And while Inception might not be as insanely enthralling as some of the groups best work, it is still another great entry into the group burgeoning discography.

After the conclusion of their brilliant “Treasure” series, the group have chosen to undertake another conceptual collection of tracks. This time titled “Fever”. I’ve never really been a fan of these kinds of story heavy musical collections but I can make an exception for ATEEZ. “Treasure” not only helped develop an exciting narrative but also maintained a solid musical through line. If we can get something like that for ”Fever” then I would be more than satisfied. And while we still have to wait a while for the Thanxx mv, Inception manages to be a strong kickstart for this new era.

Almost instantly we’re treated to a much more moody instrumental than we’ve become accustomed to from ATEEZ. This isn’t a bad thing as the incredible production trio of LEEZ, Ollounder and Buddy make sure to imbue almost every second of the track with incredible emotional pathos. Event the standard electro trap instrumental which has become a staple of the groups discography feels exciting. This extends to the chorus which really allows the boys to emote. It’s a strong, anthemic melody and hits all the right spots but I kind of wish that the instrumental here were to go bigger. The second and climactic chorus’ both sound bigger but I really wish that first chorus hit with the same intensity. But then that might just be a me problem.

But while the chorus will take some time to really warm upto, the verses, especially after the first chorus are easily my favourite aspect of the song. That thumping dance break after the first chorus is especially thrilling and works solely thanks to its unexpected placement. Very rarely do we get an extended dance break after the first chorus but its inclusion here really helps Inception stand out. And while I rave about the production, it would a crime to not mention the boys. As usual ATEEZ bring their a-game and then some. They’re one of best performance oriented groups in the market right now and it’s such a thrill to see them back.

Verses: 9

Chorus: 8

Production: 8

Performance: 9

Final Rating8.5 / 10


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