KBOPPED Weekly Charts: 17/08/20

I’ve always had a bit of a problem with Korea’s chart system so i thought, why not come up with my own! Let me introduce the Kbopped weekly charts! These charts will be solely based on my own play history and will feature my top 20 most played tracks of the week be it Korean, Japanese, Chinese or even English! 

It’s been exactly 2 months since I did the first version of the Kbopped weekly charts and slightly less time since i posted the second and up till now, final edition. I had initially planned for the feature to be a weekly thing but sometimes life just gets in the way and you have to put some things to the side and prioritise others. So after nearly 2 months of hiatus, the weekly charts are finally back!

This time I’m going to be committed to this as a weekly venture and without fail get one of these out on either the Sunday night or Monday morning of every week. This schedule will probably give the best representation of my listening history throughout the week and would be much more fair to newer releases than the old Wednesday schedule.

Evidently, the list below looks very different to how it looked on the 24th of June. Topping the list is ONF with their new single Sukhumvit Swimming, a track that manages to feel both carefree yet enjoyable. It’s a song that’s also proven to have great replayability over the past week. Following closely behind at 24 listens is Sexy Zone’s brilliant Run. Honestly had the charts been going for the past few weeks then this song would been comforably sitting at the top spot. Looking at the stats I’ve played this song 60 times since its release, amounting to an average of nearly 5 listens a day! That’s crazy stuff even for me! The 3rd, 4th and 5th spot are also taken by Japanese acts, the most surprising of which is V6’s 1998?! hit Be Yourself!, a song that I’ve just discovered and am absolutely loving. Da-ice and Hey! Say! JUMP take the other two spots with songs that I consider to be amongst the best we’ve seen all year.

And for the first time (of 3 times), more Japanese songs have charted within the top 20 than Korean! With a ratio of 12:8, it’s pretty clear that for the past week I’ve been enjoying a greater deal of music coming out of Japan than I have from Korea. And while I hope that the big name comebacks of the coming week will help stir the competition, it doesn’t look like this ratio is about to change anytime soon.

#1ONF – Sukhumvit Swimming26(NEW)
#2Sexy Zone – RUN24(NEW)
#3Hey! Say! JUMP – Last Mermaid20(NEW)
#4V6 – Be Yourself!20(NEW)
#5Da-ice – Dreamin’ On 18(NEW)
#6Hey! Say! JUMP – I AM17(NEW)
#7ONF – Geppeto 14(NEW)
#8Sekai No Owari – Umbrella14(NEW)
#10Offical HIGE DANdism – Yesterday12(NEW)
#11Cho Jung Seok – Aloha11(NEW)
#12SuperM – 10011(NEW)
#13J.Y.P – When We Disco (Duet with Sunmi)10(NEW)
#141THE9 – Bad Guy8(NEW)
#15Boyhood – Retro Love8(NEW)
#16Kazuma Kiryu – Baka Mitai8(NEW)
#17Leo leiri – Harukaze8(NEW)
#18Offical HIGE DANdism – Laughter7(NEW)
#19Kenshi Yonezu – Placebo6(NEW)
#20SixTONES – Navigator5(NEW)

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