SONG REVIEW: No More – Kim Yohan

If I had to put it bluntly, I’ve been underwhelmed by almost every single post X1 comeback. All the boys have the potential to really hit big but the material they’ve chosen or been given has just not made good use of their talents. Of the many that we’ve gotten over the course of the year, only two have really stuck with me. One being Cravity’s debut album and the second surprisingly being Kim Wooseok’s Red Moon, a song that has grown on me substantially since release and has gone onto being a nice little guilty pleasure. Unfortunately I don’t think Kim Yohan’s No More will share those same benefits.

Although he came out as the winner of the show, I personally think Yohan has had it the hardest of all the members. Not only did he have pretty much nowhere to go after X1’s untimely disbandment, but the after a number of cancelled acting gigs, it seemed like he was destined with misfortune. That’s why despite my opinion on No More as a song, I’m genuinely happy for him. He’s finally got something work out for him and thats great to see. But despite being produced by Zion.T, I really wish the song we got was much stronger than No More. This the kind of song that’s really hard to talk about because it doesn’t really go anywhere. I know this kind of trap bop is loved by many but it’s a style that never really clicked for me.

And despite his many talents, I never considered Yohan a solo star. He works much better as part of a group and his performance here is evidence of that. It comes off as more Zion.T than Yohan and honestly feels like it could have been performed by almost anybody. I like the guitar driven post chorus but it’s not enough to really elevate No More into something vital. It’s a fun, throwaway bop but I come away from it feeling absolutely nothing.

Verses: 6

Chorus: 7

Production: 8

Performance: 7

Final Rating7 / 10


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